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LOCALS FIRST! The Proof Is In The Paper In Maricopa

Normally a LOCALS EXCLUSIVE but I made this one shareable so you can share with those who need to know. See how the Paper in Maricopa violates Voters Rights and understand why THE PAPER IS KEY!

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TOMORROW Thursday 03/38 7am CST & 7pm CST on #CutTheCrap #MustWatch Interview with James Lindsay! American-born author, mathematician, and professional troublemaker, Dr. James Lindsay has written six books spanning a range of subjects including religion, the philosophy of science and postmodern theory. He is a leading expert on Critical Race Theory, which leads him to reject it completely. He is the founder of New Discourses and currently promoting his new book "Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody," which is currently being translated into more than fifteen languages. FOLLOW SHARE & LIKE #JamesLindsay #JovanHUttonPulitzer


TOMORROW - Wed 03/27 TUNE IN - IS LA LA LAND WAKING UP? Join a Candid discussion about Hollyweird, Hollywood, Gratuitous Sex , greed and grubbiness and Waking Up a Patriot in the Belly of the Beast! With My SPECIAL GUEST Tammy Tavares #MUSTWATCH #Awakening FOLLOW and Join Us


TOMORROW Tuesday 03/26 7 AM CST - WORST CASE SCENARIO with General Michael Flynn! An Incredible, Jaw Dropping, Truth Talking Interview! MARK DOWN THE TIME AND FOLLOW!


You survived the eclipse, but you are still suffering and living in fear. Let me help you fix that! We can do this together!


Over the last year we have been releasing 100 audio books. This has been normally occurring on my Substack, but from now on will be released ONLY for my Local Supporters. NOTE: TITLE - Moll Flanders -

As I release this educational material, I think back to how easy it is these days to educate one ‘s self. In times past, you would have to have access to funds and influence to gain access to these works of classic and greatest literature.

Forty years ago, I began working on a project with my mentor which was the recording and documentation of the Greatest Teachings of All Time. Many institutions over the years have released many of these now out of copyright works and it is said, if you were able to retain a working knowledge of a particular 100 of the greatest books, you would have what would be considered a knowledge equal to that of having accomplished a master’s degree from a university.

Welcome as you join me on this journey to your self-taught master’s education. Putting ...


Hear about the ways, laws, methods and means that evil took over America and is killing our country! YOU MUST SHARE AND LISTEN - This is TOO IMPORTANT TO IGNORE!


Mel K & Jovan Hutton Pulitzer | Decentralization, Radical Independence, & Personal Sovereignty


7 AM CST - Join The Stream - WHATS ON YOUR MIND? Ask Me Anything Session -

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7 PM CST - Join The Stream - BIDEN LOSING BLACK VOTERS - See The Psyop Designed To Bring Them Back To Biden - PLAIN AS DAY DISTORTION -

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We Need You In The Fight!

President Trump knows I do my hard core training in my Locals account.  He knows this is the only safe and secure way I can keep you informed, trained, educated and updated and not be subjected to Socialist Media Censorship.

You would be surprised WHO is really in my Locals learning right along with you.  We are all in this together and we are in for the single hardest and most critical fight for our way of life!  If America goes down, the whole world goes down.

Think of my Locals as your behind the sceens and in the know locker room.  It is the only place where I can safely name names and share detailed plans to win this war! That is why we need more people in the fight.

One of the key things I disucssed with President Trump in our recent face to face meeting was "how we get more people in the fight". I was directly asked "how can we get more people to know what we need to do and focus on and not waste time?"  My answer to this is my LOCALS.

Therefore I am immediately, for a very limnited time, cutting my subscription by 50%.  We need you in the fight. We need you committed to the cause and the battle.  We are doubling our content and our only intent it to win the war against America.

ONE WEEK is all this will run.  50% off right now.  We need you in this fight! Will you join us? 


Use this link:

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My Meeting With President Trump
How He Looked, Sounded and Continues to FIGHT FOR AMERICA!

In the high stakes, constant push and pull world of Presidential demand, and when meetings are set in 5-minute increments, it was my great honor to sit down with President Trump in his Mar A Lago Office and review "How we repair our broken and dysfunctional elections in the United States of America".

Since this was not just some random meet and greet but a focused meeting set for me with President Trump to specifically discuss our elections, I can share with you he is ncredibly focused on the monumental task we have at hand.  Over our highly focused hour and a half meeting (NOTE: I will not be talking specific details or share confidences), many things, to-dos and strategies were discussed, but I would like to share with you the confidence I have in Donald J. Trump.

Any one of us who fights for Election Verifiability and Truth (I am trying to no longer use election integrity since that is most assuredly an oxymoron and those two words DO NOT go together), would be lucky to get a legislators' misfocused, distracted 5-minute appeasement. This dedicated meeting shows just how serious President Trump is about making sure our elections in the United States and truthful, accurate, auditable, verifiable, and ethical.12/01/23 at Mar A Lago

President Trump looked stronger than I have ever seen him.

He was laser focused, bright eyed (always personable) and concentrated on THE SOLUTION.

President Trump is focused on doing what is right for The American People and Saving Our Republic!

For him, it is not about "what happened" it is about "how does this never happen again?"


To ensure we do not continue to repeat the mistakes of the past we must focus on actionable solutions.  What happened has happened, that too is now in the past.  This is ONLY about solutions. Of course, I was asked about the machines, and true to my forensic and historic firsthand with full forensic audit of a General Election I answered him directly:

"Sir, the machines do not change the votes, the machines are just machines which do what they are coaxed to do by the actions of People, Paper and Programs."

We will have a hard road ahead over this remaining less than a year before Election 2024, but this is a winnable fight and war.  Now is the time to be focused on real solutions which come from knowing all the different ways our elections are broken, compromised, and twisted and implementing solutions oriented plans to plug the leaks, fill the holes and repair the system.  Nothing can be based on theory or popular pontifications; we must act only on actionable intelligence.  

If we get focused and come together and follow the plan to correct the broken nature of our elections, we all can ensure a broken repeat of a highly questionable election, like what happened in 2020 will never happen again.

God Bless The United States of America!


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Merry Christmas on Halloween!
Special Christmas Cheer Early!

Hey guys, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Thank you for all your support throughout the year and to give thanks we are spreading some CHRISTMAS CHEER EARLY!

We have a DISCOUNT CODE we have just issued "EarlyChristmas" for you to get a super early Christmas savings off annual support of our content.  Here is the link:

Use this link and get some Early Christmas Savings on HALLOWEEN!

NOTE:  We have limited this to TWO WEEKS and is only good for the first 1,000 Folks! 


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