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Will Trump Election Evidence Finally Make It To Court?
Indictments May Make It So!
August 25, 2023
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The very thing the Deep State, DNC and GOP wanted to hide may now have a legal path forward!

Two things are good about the various Trump Indictments.

  1. When you read the indictyments you can see how weak they are (espacially the last one in Fulton County, Georgia), and;
  2. These indictments open the door wide open for incredible evidence to be presented.  HUGE EVIDENCE you have not even seen.

As I stated in a tweet earlier today:

If these indictments ever get to court the truth about what happened will forever be entered into the permanent record and history of the United States and its elections.

The real problem is, the GOP has kept the truth about "how to uncover election maladministration and malfeasance from all GOP precincts. Personally I blame the GOP for what has happened with our elections MORE than I do the DNC.

IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT BEGUN YOUR REAL ELECTION INTEGRITY TRAINING - here are just a few of the 300 things you SHOULD know how to identify, audit, expose and correct! 

These are just a few of the training topics we do at www.FireAxe.Academy


a.       What You Need To Know About Ballot Paper Security PART 1


a.       How every type of mark on a ballot is read and has need of accounting

3.       HOW little MARKS Cause BIG PROBLEMS!

a.       You ONLY THINK You Voted!

4.       What A Cast Vote Record REALLY LOOKS LIKE!

a.       Why They Hide The Real Data and Images - LOOK AND SEE THE REAL RECORDS!

5.       Election Hand Job - Sleight of Hand Selecting Not Electing

a.       Why Networked Air-Gapping is a HUGE GAP in Election Integrity!

6.       Testing 1,2,3... Testing "Is This Thing Working?"

a.       Yes, but it is working to RIG THE ELECTION!

7.       Convenient and Accommodating Election Hack

a.       "We are here to make voting easier!"

8.       Using Ballot ID's for Full Forensic Audits

a.       Examples, Issues, Problems and Deception

9.       Auditing Election Equipment - Ballot On Demand Printers

a.       Our Elections Are Only as Good as the Equipment Which They Operate Under!

10.   175,441 That's How Many There Are! (Precincts and Poll Watchers) FREE

a.       We Need To Change The Odds!

11.   Blank Stare Ballots! The Undetected Phenomena

a.       What Are You Doing Here? How To Sneak In 10's of Thousands Fake Votes - Undetected!

12.   Vote Hacking USB and Data Cards In Elections FREE

a.       How To Prevent "Air Gapped and Mobile USB and Data Card Hacking" In Elections

13.   Postal System Vote Hacks! How To Stop Them With Laws!

a.       Clever Concealed Coding Undoes Election Integrity

14.   Ostracizing ERIC - State By State (FIOA and Subpoena Requests

a.       Getting To The Bottom Of The ERIC Mess

15.   How Deep State and Bad Actors Use The Unsuspecting Election Workers To Implement Hacks

a.       YOU end up being the perpetrator!


a.       How To Audit for Fair and Balanced Ballot Adjudications

17.   Yes, There ARE Some Crazy Voters, But Do You Know About SPLIT PERSONALITY VOTERS?

a.       The Hack Which Splits You In Two!

18.   Closing Signature Verification Loopholes

a.       Using Kari Lake Judge's Ruling As A Guide Post

19.   EARLY VOTING - Who Really Benefits?

a.       The Dirty Secrets Of Early Voting!

20.   So, You're Preparing to Clean Voter Rolls

a.       Where To Start - It's An Art!

21.   The Random Audit

a.       The Not-So-Random-Way To Hide Election Malfeasance


a.       The Roll-Back Rig

23.   The Chance Is "SO REMOTE!"

a.       The Remote Access Rig!


a.       Ballot Printers (and Paper) Have Rules - Authentic Ballot Detection


a.       Finding Nefarious Activity In Ballot Storage - Detecting Ballot Swapping

26.   Words Matter - Intentionally NOT FINDING Rigged Elections - Self-Audit Style

a.       How and Why Board of Supervisors and Election Committees Conduct Their Own Audits AND It's NOT To Prove The Elections Are Safe

27.   "Jack The Ripper" Your Audit Plans

a.       How to gut and dissect your audit plan, SO YOU GET IT RIGHT!


a.       Managing Expectations and Looking At The Reality of Hand Counting Ballots

29.   Including Stakeholders In Audits

a.       When Systems Are Involved, The Systems Manufacturers Should Be Included

30.   Investigating Missing Ballots, Irregular Counts - Detroit Michigan Examples of Malfeasance and Maladministration

a.       Speckin Forensics Report and Commentary

31.   The Bonanza of the Ballot Envelope

a.       How To Key In On The Keys Of The Ballot Envelope

32.   How We Win With Election Integrity FREE

a.       There is a logical path forward to keep America a Constitutional Republic

33.   14th Amendment Battle Tactics In Election Integrity

a.       Sometimes We Miss The Easiest Win - Elections Are Supposed To Self-Audit


a.       You Only Thought You Could Vote!

35.   Detecting Maladministration and Nefarious Activities in Provisional Ballots

a.       Download files attached

36.   Thousands Upon Thousands Of Batches Of Maladministration Evidence

a.       Undeniable Physical Proof (DOWNLOAD ATTACHED)

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7 AM CST - We Are Being Robbed - In More Than One Way!

This link works

#SPECIAL #PODCAST The Judge In Kari Lake's Superior Court Case Got It Wrong! - Did the judge in Arizona bend the rules and laws when it came to the Ballot Signature REJECTION ruling for Kari Lake? Listen to the Judge's Ruling (I have narrated and annotated) and you decide! You won't believe just how bad this ruling really is! #KariLake

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My Meeting With President Trump
How He Looked, Sounded and Continues to FIGHT FOR AMERICA!

In the high stakes, constant push and pull world of Presidential demand, and when meetings are set in 5-minute increments, it was my great honor to sit down with President Trump in his Mar A Lago Office and review "How we repair our broken and dysfunctional elections in the United States of America".

Since this was not just some random meet and greet but a focused meeting set for me with President Trump to specifically discuss our elections, I can share with you he is ncredibly focused on the monumental task we have at hand.  Over our highly focused hour and a half meeting (NOTE: I will not be talking specific details or share confidences), many things, to-dos and strategies were discussed, but I would like to share with you the confidence I have in Donald J. Trump.

Any one of us who fights for Election Verifiability and Truth (I am trying to no longer use election integrity since that is most assuredly an oxymoron and those two words DO NOT go together), would be lucky to get a legislators' misfocused, distracted 5-minute appeasement. This dedicated meeting shows just how serious President Trump is about making sure our elections in the United States and truthful, accurate, auditable, verifiable, and ethical.12/01/23 at Mar A Lago

President Trump looked stronger than I have ever seen him.

He was laser focused, bright eyed (always personable) and concentrated on THE SOLUTION.

President Trump is focused on doing what is right for The American People and Saving Our Republic!

For him, it is not about "what happened" it is about "how does this never happen again?"


To ensure we do not continue to repeat the mistakes of the past we must focus on actionable solutions.  What happened has happened, that too is now in the past.  This is ONLY about solutions. Of course, I was asked about the machines, and true to my forensic and historic firsthand with full forensic audit of a General Election I answered him directly:

"Sir, the machines do not change the votes, the machines are just machines which do what they are coaxed to do by the actions of People, Paper and Programs."

We will have a hard road ahead over this remaining less than a year before Election 2024, but this is a winnable fight and war.  Now is the time to be focused on real solutions which come from knowing all the different ways our elections are broken, compromised, and twisted and implementing solutions oriented plans to plug the leaks, fill the holes and repair the system.  Nothing can be based on theory or popular pontifications; we must act only on actionable intelligence.  

If we get focused and come together and follow the plan to correct the broken nature of our elections, we all can ensure a broken repeat of a highly questionable election, like what happened in 2020 will never happen again.

God Bless The United States of America!


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Merry Christmas on Halloween!
Special Christmas Cheer Early!

Hey guys, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Thank you for all your support throughout the year and to give thanks we are spreading some CHRISTMAS CHEER EARLY!

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Special Program For You

Hey guys, a few weeks back I shared with you that I would be doing a special on new and unique guns which anyone can legally carry - in any state.  Well, tomorrow is that day.

At 7 PM CST tomorrow Tuesday, October 24th I am going to be doing a special presentation right here on LOCALS only.  

The reason for the special is this handmade legal carry gun is so special and since they are handmade there are only 150 in stock at the moment and all others take 6 weeks (up to 8 weeks for delivery) and I want you to be able to get first dibs on snagging one for yourself or that special someone in your life.
So, mark the time down, but at 7 PM CST tomorrow evening (Tuesday) I will be LIVE on LOCALS only and will show off this amazing hand-made legal carry firearm!  

Also, aside from special pricing, you will also get a LIMITED EDITION just for you book!  It is only for those of you who choose to get this special handmade - heirloom quality - legal firearm.
See you tomorrow! 


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