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MARICOPA EXPLAINER - Forced Adjudication By Manipulation
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Live Streamed on January 25, 2023 9:39 AM ET
Obama Did This To Us - See The Proof!

Obama Did This To Us - See The Proof!

Live Streamed on January 24, 2023 9:01 AM ET
The Cabal Is Being Exposed This FBi Arrest Will Help - More Details

The Cabal Is Being Exposed This FBi Arrest Will Help - More Details


DON'T MISS IT - TONIGHT 7 PM CST LIVE - Special Guest Kari Lake - Where Does This Battle Stand? Straight From The Patriot Herself! #KariLake #Arizona #2022Election #JovanHuttonPulitzer


Will you join me tomorrow LIVE FOR 5 HOURS play by play recap of the midterms as they occur?

Why I Wrote The Article

More details behind my article titled "At The Stroke Of Midnight It Happened!"

Why I Wrote The Article
MULTI-PART PODCAST SERIES - Lost Not Stolen Report Rebuttal

Select "Conservatives" published a report titled "LOST, NOT STOLEN:
The Conservative Case that Trump Lost and Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election" In this multi-episode series we go through this report line by line, page by page, and claim by claim. In this first episode, we set the bar for you to determine "Was this report unbiased and factual?" or "Was this report just an extension of the fake-news machine, now weaponizing fake news stories against American Voters? We will leave it to you to decide. The is a narration of the report with ongoing side commentary for you to consider in your evaluation of this report.

MULTI-PART PODCAST SERIES - Lost Not Stolen Report Rebuttal

7 AM CST LIVE - CRAP RECIPE -What Do You Get When You Mixed Cows, Hurt Feelings, A Dozen Eggs, Ranked Choice Voting? This CRAP




7 AM CST LIVE - 3 Letter Agencies Gone Rogue - Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government - The investigation and Incredible Weapons Build Up!

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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Evidence is the Key - If We Can Hold on To It!
It's also a Republic, If We Can Hold on To It!

When I knew I had to answer the call of my nation and bring my technology acumen and ability to bear for our great nation there was no hesitation. Like many of you, witnessing what happened in the 2020 General Election forced me into action.  To not act was akin to letting the criminals, the cabal and the deep state control, not only our lives, but the lives of our children and grandchildren.

The choice for me was an easy one. We have to save our nation!

In this fight my work has been to be totally transparent with you during this entire process. Many times is it ugly and somewhat depressing, but at the very least American citizen deserve complete transparency. 

You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks I have begun to release very special and private reports (podcasts) which can only be heard here on Locals.  The information is explosive, wildly controversial and, most of all, information that the elite and political prostitutes do not want you to know. 

A good example is the recent Supporters Only Exclusive titled:

SUPPORTER EXCLUSIVE Hundreds of Millions in CASH is being handed out...

EXPOSED: Your tax dollars are being funneled out of the USA to dark organizations using HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in dollars..."

This fact and figures based podcast report shows just how correct the system is and proves the United Nations is part of what is being used to take down our Republic.  There is no denying how corrupt our system is.  There is NO denying we need to activate to save our great Republic.

At present there are 35,249 of you fearless warriors who follow my work here on Locals.  Each of you can see my open posts which are shared for all, but only a small fraction of you can see my SUPPORTER ONLY CONTENT.  Why am I bringing this up?

We strive hard to make this space here on Locals be something special.  We make sure you get our Cut The Crap Show posted "Commercial Free" and we regularly post key supporter only downloads and now we are doing regular SPECIAL REPORTS PODCASTS which can only be heard here on Locals.  The one we posted just this morning is what you see in the photo below:

This report will make your eyes dry out since they will end up splayed WIDE OPENED!   Our goal is - at minimum - to bring 4 of these special podcasts (Locals only) reports a week.  We are doing this in an effort to bring you more hard-hitting exclusive content for being a supporter here on Locals.

But we need your help.  Just holding on to and managing the Arizona 2020 Forensic Audit Proof Files costs our organization in excess of $16k a month, month in and month out.  This has been going on now to the tune of $320,000 in unexpected expenses.  Call it naive, but we did not consider just how much it cost to run and house the data, finds, proofs and forensic evidence - just the Maricopa 2020 Full Forensic Audit would entail.  This evidence is needed for when we get to trial (any and all trials) and for the recording oh history for posterity.

We are in this for the long haul, but we must put a stop to the financial hemorrhaging. 

We are asking just 1 out of every 10 of you who follow our work here to please convert to a full supporter ($55 annual plus you get 1 month FREE).  If we could get this done, we will have gone a long way to preserving this critical and historic full forensic audit evidence for the next year.

There is no way around it - we need public help.  We have gone as far as we can without the public’s help.

This is not a donation - in fact we are not asking for a donation. We are asking if you would consider supporting the Locals programming, I do and me and my team will work our ass off to make it highly valuable to you and justify your support of it.  So, not a donation - we want to deliver for you and make it worth your effort and time you spend here with me (and my team - since we are a team).  We know we must go the extra mile to perform and deliver for you.

That is why we are seeking 3,524 of you here - who get our content but are not an actual supporting subscriber to please consider becoming a paid supporter.  In turn, as it always, 100% of your support here go to our election technology and integrity work.

Would 3,524 of you become annual paid supporters of the work and content we deliver here on Locals?  We are beefing up the content and developing new content exclusively for access here on Locals.

Would you consider becoming 1 of the 3,524 we need to accept this offer so we can continue our work on election transparency, election auditing, election laws and protecting our great Republic?

Thank you for being here, for your support and for helping us get to the next stage in this current ongoing war on America.  Thank you - Jovan

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A Battle You Can Help Engage In - On Twitter and Social Media
This revision to a House Bill could make it impossible to audit elections ever again!

The good news for all Americans is that YOU care enough to fight for every American citizen and voter!

This is exactly why I am reaching out to you.  In Liz Cheney land (otherwise known as Wyoming) there is a House Bill being worked on which could do irreparable harm to our nation.  If this passes, it will most assuredly become the blue print for how deep state and dems will prevent future audits of our elections.

This bill, known as HB0006 is a precedent setting blue print which others states (to our collecive detriment) will duplicate.  In short, they are working to make the public data any which assists audits or election integrity work become formally unavailable to FIOA or the public for any reason.

Here is how I was notified and it is best you read what I read:

Snip of email I received

Here is the alarming wording of HB0006 Wyoming:

We all must call this out and do it fast.  Twitter is most likely the best.  The main Twitter accounts to tag are the following: 

The bad guy pushing this bill:

The good guy (Sos) pushing back on this:

And NOT that I expect the GOP to do anything, but here is their Twitter:

Here is the link to the Bogus Bill:

Here is the link to the discussion of the bill

I think the woman is Mary Lankford of the Clerks Association.

Here is chucks info. Chuck Gray
Secretary of State's Office
Herschler Building East
122 West 25th Street
Suite 100
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

Ph. 307.777.7378

Below are my tweets, would you consider following my lead?  And use the hashtag #LinIsLying 

Thank you

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Let's Try a Grand Experiment
A version of my content NO ONE ELSE gets!

Hey there guys!

I am going to try an "experiment".  Will release each Cut The Crap Show episode here, fully commerical and bumper free.

This means all the show branding and such is removed as well as any commericals or live-on-air-sponsor-reads.

In this format you watch (albeit second-hand and later) just the content portion of the program.

If this is doable, this will ONLY be available here on Locals.  Not promising anything fully yet! But, it takes editing the program and then re-uploading this verion.  At the moment there is ZERO editing in our program and it is all 100% real time and uploaded as broadcast. 

Give us some feedback.  Shuld this be for all members here with me, or just my subscribers?  Any and all feedback welcome.

This is the first 'modified episode"

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