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New Audit Numbers Release and Wisconsin is in DEEP DOO DOO!
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Live Streamed on December 6, 2022 9:39 AM ET
Fellow Cheetos LOVERS UNITE! and NEW NEWS!

Fellow Cheetos LOVERS UNITE! and NEW NEWS!

Live Streamed on December 5, 2022 9:34 AM ET
Monday Morning Quarterbacking CTC Morning Edition After Show

Monday Morning Quarterbacking CTC Morning Edition After Show


BREAKING: Tonight at 7 PM CST - Be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY! Find out finally what Katie Hobbs holds over the various Board Of Supervisors to FORCE certifying a bad election in her favor! This is both shocking and revealing! Never before revealed or talked about TRUHTS behind the election certification SCAM! #Arizona #CutTheCrapShow #JovanHuttonPulitzer


Will you join me tomorrow LIVE FOR 5 HOURS play by play recap of the midterms as they occur?

Why I Wrote The Article

More details behind my article titled "At The Stroke Of Midnight It Happened!"

Why I Wrote The Article
MULTI-PART PODCAST SERIES - Lost Not Stolen Report Rebuttal

Select "Conservatives" published a report titled "LOST, NOT STOLEN:
The Conservative Case that Trump Lost and Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election" In this multi-episode series we go through this report line by line, page by page, and claim by claim. In this first episode, we set the bar for you to determine "Was this report unbiased and factual?" or "Was this report just an extension of the fake-news machine, now weaponizing fake news stories against American Voters? We will leave it to you to decide. The is a narration of the report with ongoing side commentary for you to consider in your evaluation of this report.

MULTI-PART PODCAST SERIES - Lost Not Stolen Report Rebuttal
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Let's Try a Grand Experiment
A version of my content NO ONE ELSE gets!

Hey there guys!

I am going to try an "experiment".  Will release each Cut The Crap Show episode here, fully commerical and bumper free.

This means all the show branding and such is removed as well as any commericals or live-on-air-sponsor-reads.

In this format you watch (albeit second-hand and later) just the content portion of the program.

If this is doable, this will ONLY be available here on Locals.  Not promising anything fully yet! But, it takes editing the program and then re-uploading this verion.  At the moment there is ZERO editing in our program and it is all 100% real time and uploaded as broadcast. 

Give us some feedback.  Shuld this be for all members here with me, or just my subscribers?  Any and all feedback welcome.

This is the first 'modified episode"

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Free Things, Savings and Just Trying To Make Your Life Easier (daily)
We Want to Make Your Life Better and Better

Life is tough enough without having to worry about what our government is doing!

That's an understatement.  We all are under stress these days, so my team is doing what it can to try to make your life better and bring as much peace and comfort (knowledge and insight) to you as we can.

Therefore you have started to see us openly talking about products and vendors we truly support.  We want to bring as many ways we can to you to make your life better and the quality of life for your family and loved ones better as well.

You will see it in the products we talk about on the air.  Be it getting you better nutrition ( Promo Code:  JOVAN) with the Field Of Greens folks or getting you a $100 Free Home Title Review ( - we are making a diligent effort to find as many ways possible to make your life better and more rewarding.

We know it is tough when it seems like our country is failing and the looines have taken over the White House.  Believe me, we feel the stress as well.  But we are Americans and we will get through this too! 

Starting this weekend, we are going to begin a program to teach all of our family and friends we communicate with daily exactly how to Make The Woke Go Broke.  We must find back, since we have a country to save.

We are determined to make a difference and we know you are looking for solutions as well.  You ask yourself daily "What Can I Do To Help Save The Country I Love?"  We feel we have come up with both a huge step and maybe the only real answer (outside of fixing our elections) to this question.

My show Saturday evening will be dedicated to opening your eyes to where all our money is going and to show you an ugly truth - Not only is George Soros funding the demise of America, but we are too! When we spend our hard-earned money, we are unwillingly accelerating the end of our nation.

Here is a prime example.  Today the internet lit up over the video we showed on our program yesterday where our little "woodlands Fairy who was afraid of bugs - you know the guy who thinks he is a woman" is NOW talking about "he cannot wait to be a mother”.

WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK and the way we are going to do this is not only be DIGITAL WARRIORS but WALLET WARRIORS as well!   More coming Saturday. Promo Code: JOVAN - get 15% discount - Get Free $100 No-Obligation Home Title Report

www.MyPillow.Com/Jovan (Promo Code: JOVAN) Get Super Savings Up to 60% Off  Switch your IRA, 401k, Retirement Saving and get $10k in Silver if you Qualify

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How Can We Fight With Our Dollars?

Because we want to address systematic racism in society head-on and accelerate change, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are committing $100 million to create a new center on racial equity

These were the words of Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, made less than two weeks after George Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody, setting off protests across the nation.

The corporations we buy from,  just like our government we pay for, have gone too far in supporting a WOKE agenda and walkking away from the majority of the values of the citizens and voters in America.  

Here is another way to look at this:

When you purchased DOVE soap or SEVENTH GENERATION household cleaning products (see photo)

your hard earned money funded BLM.  Sad fact is of us doubled down and while we shopped at Walmart buying these Seventh Generation products our money funded BOTH COMPANIES giving millions to Black Lives Matter.  We never knew what was going on behidnd the corporate curtain.

We all wanted to be protected against the hate fuled heat casused by racial issues, but when it came to stopping underarm sweat and buying the product DEGREE DEODORANT,  we helped give BLM $100k to turn up the heat and sweat out MORE WOKE DONATIONS out of the major brands we buy.

Our hard earned money funds the very people and movements which are murdering America!  I am fed up!

My team and I have put tremendous research into how to fight back and use our collective power to FIGHT WOKE CULTURE and CORPORATE CULTURES which support the destruction of our American Republic.

Today, keep your eyes open for a special podcast from me - here on Locals.  It will be only for my subscribers first (as a way to say thank you for your support) to enlist you in our fight to fight the woke culture.  I am seeking 75 individuals (that's it out of all those who support my work) to work hand-in-hand with me to fight back against the WOKE CULTURE and pave a path for reclaiming America.

I take this war very seriously, and I plan on taking my skills and success and sharing it with 75 key individuals who want to lock arms with me to fight back in a meaningful way.

If we do not fight back, we cannot save America from assured distruction.  If you are one of the 75, you will work hand-in-hand with me week in and week out (as your time shedule allows) to show the your fellow Americans, family and friends - how we win this woke war on our American values.

Look at it this way - a double handfull of you took the time to follow my instructions to become digital warriors and to topple Attorney General Burnovitch in Arizona from 67% in the polls to 12% and a showing of (barely) 3 place in his Senate run.  That's power. You know if you follow the plan we can make a difference in a HUGE WAY.  Now, we are going to go to war against WOKENESS and WIN!

Will post the special podcast this afternoon and hope there are 75 of you other there willing to fight this fight with me!



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